Mastering the Art of Suit Selection

Mastering the Art of Suit Selection: A Guide by the Best Men's Suit Brand in Pakistan

A Guide by the Best Men's Suit Brand in Pakistan

Whether you work in an office where suits are the mandatory dress code, or you’re a sartorial fellow who dresses up for dinner dates at the weekend, a suit is a staple of any modern man’s wardrobe. No man's wardrobe is complete without a suit, make sure you're suited and booted with a classic from one of the best suiting brands for men in pakistan. And even if you are more into casuals, you still need the best suit around, whether for a wedding, job interview or funeral, it’s likely you’ll need a smart tailored look at least once a year.

Wearing a suit should be like stepping into new skin – you should feel comfortable in your suits and know how different styling options can affect your look. A good suit can make you look taller, slimmer and accentuate your shoulders. The suit can easily become the cornerstone of any man’s style when worn with confidence and some fashion know-how. However, there are a-lot of things that needs to be considered before buying a suit, like should you go for a made-to-order custom suit or an off-the-rack suit, or what should be the selection of materials, what is the occasion, what styles to choose from, and price points to consider.


The Occasion

First things first, where are you planning on wearing your suit? Is this for everyday use? A special occasion? Is that occasion formal or informal? Are you planning for this to be your wedding suit? Black Tie? White Tie? Do you have a job interview? Are you buying a new suit for a special presentation in front of your board of directors? We could keep going but we’ll stop here.

The point is, the occasion is important. It’ll dictate the general style of your suit including the accessories you choose.


Suiting Measurements:


If you’ve been into the suiting fashion for a while, you must know that made-to order custom suits for men will always be a better buy than off-the-rack suits. However, while you always want spectacular looks, perfect fit and high quality, you can’t always wait for a custom-made suit. That’s why charcoal, the best suiting brand for men in Pakistan offers both, made-to-order, and off-the-rack suits that you can wear with utmost confidence, as well as answered some questions you may have to make sure you get the best possible experience from your suit-buying experience. 

There are some people of the opinion that no matter how good the men’s suit brand, an off-the-rack suit won’t fit you quite like a made-to-measure suit. The ready to wear suits at charcoal are made in multiple sizes and according to the most common measurements in the region to cater as many customers as possible who don’t have time to wait for a made-to-order custom suit. But, if you still have some issues with the fitting and want the suit altered, then don’t be afraid to let the manager know or write down your desired alterations while placing your order. Because charcoal offers free suit altercation in all of its branches in the country as well as on online store.



Generally speaking, you have four common options when it comes to color: grey, blue, brown and black. Apart from being common these colors can be worn to almost all kinds of events and in any season. But if you desired for a different and less common color you can visit Charcoal, one of best suiting brand for men in Pakistan.

For an everyday suit, opt for grey or blue (navy, to be specific). Black tends to be more formal and brown, while dashing, can be difficult to pull off. We don’t want to dissuade you from brown, because it can look smart. But, done wrong, it can look tacky and outdated. Of course, pastel suits, cream suits and burgundy suits are always an option, too


The Season:

The season will dictate the color, style and fabric of your suit. In the summer, Everything is more laid back and obviously hotter. This calls for something light-weight and lighter in color. Pastels, remember? In the winter, you’re looking at much heavier suits in darker colors that you can match with the perfect wool overcoat. It’s all about practicality. 

Of course, with a new season comes new trends. You may have noticed that designers from all the best suiting brands for men in Pakistan come out with Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter lines?



When buying a suit, the fabric should be far from an afterthought. Do you want something lightweight and breathable? Thick and warm? Are you concerned about sweat stains? While this isn’t exactly a definitive guide, here’s a quick run-down for you:

  • Wool Suits: Versatile and common and can even be found in a lightweight version called tropical wool.
  • Flannel Suits: Heavy, resistant to creasing and best suited for winter
  • Corduroy Suits: Durable, trendy and warm
  • Silk Suits: Trendy, incredibly lightweight but won’t hide perspiration
  • Linen Suits: Lightweight, comfortable but stains and creases easily
  • Tweed Suits: Thick, sturdy, warm and stylish
  • Cotton Suits: Breathable, absorbs moisture well, easy to care for


Which Style Is Right For You?

Which Suiting Style Is Right For You?


With so many suits available it can be easy to get lost in the swathes of choice. To decide what you’re after, first think of the occasions you’re dressing for as mentioned above. If it’s for work, then a sharp, two-button suit is the way to go, if it’s a formal event then a tuxedo will do the trick.

  • Plain Two-Button Suit: A simple two-button suit is the workhorse of your wardrobe. The versatile silhouette can be dressed up for weddings, or dressed down for the office. It’s the do-everything option.
  • Patterned Suit: If you really want to make a sartorial statement and stand out from the suited crowd, then you can do so with a patterned suit. Whether it’s pinstripes, Prince of Wales check, Houndstooth, or Tattershall. Just make sure the pattern features subtle, tonal colors, and always pair it with a plain shirt and plain accessories.
  • Double-Breasted Suit: Alternatively, if you’re looking to make a sartorial statement but don’t fancy a patterned suit, you should opt for a double-breasted suit. A dark double-breasted jacket is versatile enough to be worn at the office, but is special enough for cocktail parties and weddings. The blazer works by creating a flattering V Shape that slims your middle and broadens your chest and shoulders. The sharp peak lapels and carefully structured shape are the peak of power dressing. Traditional DBs have up to eight buttons, but more contemporary takes generally have four or six buttons, and, although you can wear your double-breasted jacket undone, it’s designed to be worn fastened up. Just remember to never fasten the outer bottom button.
  • Summer Suit: Finally, if you’re attending a summer wedding, sports event, or garden party, you’ll want a ‘summer suit’. They’re a perfect way to stay glamorous, cool and sophisticated even when the heat is trying its very best to have the opposite effect. The trick with a summer suit is getting the material right. You’ll want to opt for linen or light cotton in beige or a pastel color. This will not only keep you properly ventilated, it’ll also make sure you look the part.
  • Tuxedos: Tuxedos are a type of suit on their own, used for black-tie events and very formal weddings. While the cut isn’t that different from the others we mentioned, what characterizes a tuxedo is its satin accents.



Before you head out to buy a suit or before you start customizing your suit, you have to consider your budget. Instead of building your dream suit and then being disappointed when it’s out of your price range, be upfront about what you can and can’t afford. At Charcoal we have a wide range of fabrics, suit types and fits in order to accommodate your budget. 

There you have it! You now know what to expect from the best suiting brand for men in Pakistan, and a little more about how to look like a mature, confident and a handsome gentleman at any event. Remember, it’s about quality, cut, and style, not just the price you pay, but getting the fit right trumps everything. You can look great in a suit without having to opt for the most expensive suit fabrics and designs. 

However, there is something else you need to consider. Shirts and accessories can actually make or break your look. When it comes to shirts, darker shades and jewel tones go well with lighter charcoal suits. But, if you donning a dark suit like a black or dark navy suit, lighter shirt underneath will look great. When it comes to ties, solid colours and simple patterns or geometric designs will make you look sharp and classy.

You’ll also need a pair of dress shoes, preferably dark brown and genuine leather. Your belt should match the colour of your shoes. Always opt for belts with a conservative buckle. To add formality to your suit, consider using pocket squares. Remember, white goes with everything!

At Charcoal, we’re proud to offer gorgeous, European suits at a range of price points as well as a vast variety of clothing products and accessories for men, so why not hop over to our website and find the perfect suit and accessories for you today, from the comfort of your sofa?

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