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We believe that corporate responsibility is not only good management of our business, but also to build excellent and responsive long-term relationships with all our customers, employees and suppliers

We have initiated CSR initiatives through donations in some orphanages, distributed food and clothing to the poor.

We have strong code of ethics, which is built into the fabric of our Company. Foundation of our business practices includes; Business Conduct; employees; health and safety; environment; the community; customers; and suppliers. In addition, it is something we believe in value for our customers.

We believe that our packaging must be shaped by providers who are as dedicated to providing a fair and safe environment for their workers as we are. This year we have added ecological paper bags for our customers.

We deal with suppliers from all over the world and we see them as our trusted partner. Our purchasing & quality teams visit our industrial complex throughout the year to ensure our stringent values ​​are retained. We have effective procedures in place, and a rigorous review process, in order to ensure compliance with the labor standards, health and safety, fair pay and the conditions of service policy.

We are pleased with our assurance of CSR, and we strongly believe in integrity as a core value CHARCOAL.